Predominantly I use the Microsoft Stack (as seen below), but I am trying to branch out into other technologies such as Ruby and various javascript related technologies. The following I am comfortable giving freelance consulting and advice on:

  • ASP.Net and JavaScript web site development

    Designing and build intuitive and easy to navigate websites which maximise function, reduce unnecessary clutter and hopefully have some style. Typically I use ASP.Net MVC so that I can maintain maximum control on the markup and maintain a level of testability and reliability for the sites I deliver. I also maintain a collection of ASP.Net webform websites. Recently I have worked on building a few Single Web Page Applications using JavaScript.

  • Complex middleware and n-tier development

    Experience in designing and implementing n-tier architecture based on .Net framework. Typically employing developement techniques that use IOC's such as Spring.Net, Castle Windsor, NInject to allow maximum flexibility in building reusable components. I also have experience using Fluent NHibernate/NHibernate, Entity Framework and other ORM technologies.

  • Silverlight development

    Development of user interfaces that have a visual impact but also remain intuative to the end user. I have had commercial experience in designing a product using MEF, PRISM and host of other best practices! I've also played around with deep zoom and other imagery in the past.

  • Content Management Systems and Hosting

    For where you, the client wants to keep control on your website! I can provide the tools and the hosting to make this possible. There a large variety of CMS available but I put my focus on those which are easily adaptable and intuitive to use. I have experience using Wordpress, Umbraco and my new favourite Orchard CMS. This includes building components that work with the CMS primarily for Umbraco and Orchard CMS. I have recently worked with Windows Azure and maintain several sites, roles and services in the cloud.

  • Database Design

    Design and Implementation of SQL Server 2012 (and previous versions). I am no database administrator, but I know my way around.

  • Continuous Integration

    I always enjoy the challenge of taking brown-field code! (including my own from a few months back), configured, tested, documented and packaged in a nice automated way. I have experience of variety of source-control systems, Git, SVN and TFS. I have had experience of automating unit testing, click-once publishing, stylecop and fxcop reporting amongst other things. I am currently researching ways of implementing continuous deployment.